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6 Tips For Creating a Successful Painting

'Eventide at Brook' is the title for my latest painting, it is something a little different and a bit of an experiment for me as it was the first time I'd really used oil. I recently bought myself a set of water mixable oil paints to see if I could replicate the thickly painted brushstrokes that can be achieved with the digital painting app 'ArtRage'. Although I don't seem to have achieved the same effects that I wanted I was nevertheless quite pleased with the painting. (Think I just need to put the paint on thicker using more paint or maybe try an impasto medium, need to experiment more with this!) It got me thinking as to what makes a painting successful though, here are a few tips which may help:

* Composition

* Light and dark shapes

* Warm colours

* Cool colours

* A zing of bright colour

* The story it tells

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