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'Autumnal Glow'

I wasn't sure if this painting was going to work, I was happy with the composition, I had a focal point (cottage) there is a lead in to the focal point (path), a big tree to the left of the painting balanced out with thinner, taller trees on the right, but I felt there was a lot of foliage and the light was a bit flat as it was a dull day but I was hoping the autumnal colours would make up for the lack of sunshine. However, still not sure if I was happy with it I decided to set out on my afternoon dog walk to photograph the scene again but this time in the sunshine, however by the time I had reached the woods the weather had changed and rather annoyingly the sun had disappeared once again. But all was not lost and my spirits were raised when I spotted a single orange, square window glowing on the building, I remember thinking that's good, that's what I can add, a tiny orange glow which doesn't sound much but it can bring the painting to life, a bright blob of colour can attract the eye quickly and simply by hinting at the presence of people can add intrigue. Instead of adding sunshine I found that I added a human element which can help humanize the image and bridge the connection to the story within. Just goes to show that things don't always turn out as planned! Has anyone else got an art story that didn't go to plan? How did it turn out?

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