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'Dark Skies over Dunnose or Is It Knock Cliff?'

I considered it was about time that I created a painting from my home town of Shanklin where I live on the Isle of Wight. Most people know this view as Dunnose however my husband begs to differ and pointed out to me that the cliff is actually called 'Knock Cliff'. Well anyway I produced this painting and apparently broadly speaking the place-name element os in Dunnose can mean God (Celtic) the place-name element dun in Dunnose can mean fort (Scots Gaelic Irish) so I'm going to stick with 'Dark Skies over Dunnose' for the title of this painting. It was painted from a photograph I took whilst on an early morning dog walk along Shanklin Beach to Appley back in November. I thought this painting was a good choice to end this year as I sensed the dark clouds looming were very appropriate for what has felt like a huge dark cloud in the form of Covid-19 which has hung over us all in this very difficult and challenging year. Hopefully the New Year will bring new hope and normality to us all eventually, fingers crossed. Here's hoping that we all have a better 2021.

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