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Fresh off my easel 'Hope On The Horizon'

Fresh off the easel this month is this painting which I've titled 'Hope On The Horizon', I first started this painting back in January when we were entering our 3rd lockdown in the UK after Covid figures had risen once again following Christmas but thankfully there seemed to be a glimmer of hope in the form of the vaccine in the fight against Covid 19, hence my title 'Hope On The Horizon'. It is taken from a series of photos that I took in December 2020 whilst at Brook beach looking towards Tennyson Down, Isle of Wight. I wanted to portray the sense of space and freedom with this painting. I painted another painting called 'Golden Glow' back in November where I featured the same beach but I had zoomed right in and cropped the view, this time though I thought this spectacular view deserved to be captured in it's entirety. As always the composition was important, diagonal lines lead the eye into the picture from the bottom left, the silhouetted man acts as a vertical intersection on that line, I've also added further verticals, the couple further away and to create a sense of unity and balance I've added a third point in the form of the dog at the water's edge. There are also zigzag lines which drive the viewers' eye from one side to the other, to and fro into, through and out of the painting. This type of composition really engages the viewer. I've included some progression pictures as usual. I've also been busy this month preparing for the 'Isle of Wight Open Studios' event which is due to take place across the Island in July, all being well I will be exhibiting in the back room of Godshill Methodist Church from Tuesday 20th - Friday 23rd July, 10am - 5pm each day, (free entry and free parking in the main village car park close by.)

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