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'Golden Glow'

'Golden Glow' is my latest painting that I've created from a photograph that I took a few years ago at Brook beach looking towards Tennyson Down on the Isle of Wight. When I started this painting I took quite a bit of time to decide what composition I wanted. I got a little frustrated with myself because I just wanted to start painting as soon as possible but I'm glad I took the time as I think it's an important part if not the most important part of a painting and I'm glad I did as I think it has paid off. The original photograph was a much bigger scene and I wanted to paint all of it, (I might still do this yet!) but on this occasion I chose to zoom right in and cropped the photo to give a more dynamic composition. I think this picture works because there are diagonals, zig zags and intersections. Diagonals and zigzags help to bring about a sense of space, perspective and flow in the painting and their intersections create a tension. As well as this there are warm and cool colours alongside one another, I especially like the warm orange of the cliff on the right hand side hence the name 'Golden Glow' in contrast to the cool mauves and blue colours of the distant cliff. I also ummed and aahed about painting in the figures but again I'm glad I did as I feel the biggest figures create an intersection with the horizon which also produces tension and then there is a certain ryhthm and pattern with the other figures gradually leading the viewer into the back of the painting. I've included the original photograph which I based this painting on at the end. #Brook #Brookbeach #isleofwight #isleofwightartist #evening #winter #wintersevening #tennyson #tennysondown #seascape #beach #watermixableoils #cliffs #goldenglow

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