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'Heaven On Earth'

Because of one thing and another it feels like an eternity since I last did a painting, I have finally been able to quite literally dust off my paints and create again, it was heaven and I have missed it.

Hence this months painting which I've aptly titled 'Heaven on Earth', it is based on a photograph I took on an early December morning dog walk along Shanklin beach, Isle of Wight last year.

I was attracted to paint this picture as I loved the way the sun's rays were poking out from behind the clouds on the horizon and all of the different reflections gleaming on the beach. I tried to keep the brush strokes loose, vigorous and animated, alive with movement and colour especially in the foreground and used cool, calming colours contrasting with the warmer pops of yellow. I also tried to make the painting more interesting by using thick paint in places for variety and texture.

I found myself asking all sorts of questions whilst painting this - do I define the rays in the sky more or leave well alone? Groyne or no groyne? Signature or no signature? I decided I wasn't brave enough to add anything else to the sky in case I messed it up as I was quite pleased with how it came out initially, what would you have done? As you can see I decided to add the groyne after all as I feel this draws you into the centre of the painting and adds to the compositional radiating lines. I think I've decided not to sign this painting on the front as I feel it would spoil the foreground area and distract the viewer, so I will sign on the back instead!

Please find below progress pictures along with the palette and reference photo I used and a link to my Etsy shop where you can buy this original painting.

Thank you for reading!

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