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'Instow After a Storm' & 'Brooding Blackgang'

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to buy a ticket to attend an online landscape painting demonstration with Hester Berry. It was as a result of this demo that I've produced these two paintings, the first is my rendition of what Hester painted, a view of 'Instow after a storm', and the second which I've entitled 'Brooding Blackgang' is from a photo I took of the beach near Blackgang, Isle of Wight, I've tried to capture the essence of the scene and tried not to get too hung up on the detail (which I find really hard not to do!), I did this by working on a smaller canvas (8" x 10") and using mainly bigger brushes (size 10 & 8). I've added the progression photos of both paintings below... #instow #blackgang #isleofwightartist #broodingskies #seascapes #watermixableoils

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