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'La Manche 1 & 2'

I have done a couple of quick watercolour paintings this month inspired by my morning dog walks along Shanklin seafront. It's not that I'm trying to rush things but more a case of fitting in some painting where I can, and more a case of not having as much patience as I used to, not only that but I seem to lose the momentum with bigger paintings and find it difficult sometimes to pick up where I left off, plus I don't really know where this month has gone again!

I felt quite scared painting these though, what is it with watercolour that makes me so nervous?! Probably the fact that it can be so unpredictable and unforgiving, mistakes are difficult to correct and it's hard to control. I think the key is to experiment and let go of any inhibitions, be confident and try not to be frightened of it, have fun and just go for it, so what if it goes wrong, it might just go right! (see below paintings of 'La Manche 1 & 2').

As ever I was attracted by the big, bold sky and dramatic cloud formations, then by the shimmering light on the wet sand, the dark ripples meandering their way out to sea and the silhouetted figures on the beach. The first painting 'La Manche 1' is just purely watercolour, the second 'La Manche 2' is watercolour and pastel. (I used the pastel to try and add in some of the highlights that I felt I had lost in the painting, I should have left more white paper untouched, so I don't think I've quite achieved the shimmer I was hoping for on the sand but nevermind!)

Good News - I am also really pleased to announce that the Isle of Wight Open Studios event is back for 2021 - all being well, I will be participating in this years 'Isle of Wight Arts Open Studios Event 2021' taking place across the Island in July.

My Open Studios event will be on Tuesday 20th July - Friday 23rd July 2021, 10am - 5pm at Godshill Methodist Church (in the back room), Godshill High Street, Godshill, Isle of Wight, PO38 3HZ.

I will be exhibiting my original paintings of landscapes, seascapes and floral still life as well as having a selection of cards and mounted prints all available to buy.

The event is free and there is free parking in the main village car park close by.

I look forward to welcoming you.

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