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My Kaleidoscopic concoctions of colour!

I seem to be obsessed with three things at the moment, watercolour painting, dramatic skies and Steephill Cove, I'm so sorry, but here's more Steephill Cove paintings!

I have been having fun messing about with watercolour again this month, and I've fallen in love with it all over again. I love the unpredictability of it and how the paint can blend and merge to create these wonderful kaleidoscopic concoctions of colour.

I've noticed I'm drawn to big, dramatic skies too, I just love the feeling I get when I look at them, the serenity, the delight and escapism. So I've been combining these three loves and this is what has resulted so far this month.

I was also interested to see if there was a specific name for people who like dramatic skies and I was intrigued to find a whole host of names for various things, did you know that a person who loves skies is called an 'Astrophile'? Though I think this refers more to a person who loves stars and astronomy, here's a list of a few more if you're interested:

Ceraunophile: a person who loves thunder and lightning.

Chionophile: a person who loves cold weather, snow.

Heliophile: a lover of the sun.

Selenophile: a person who loves the moon.

Nyctophile: a person who loves night or darkness.

Photophile: a person who loves light.

Pluviophile: a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.

Nephophile: a person who loves clouds; has fondness or obsession of clouds.

Logophile: a lover of words

Opacarophile: a lover of sunsets

Dendrophile: a lover of trees

Melophile: a lover of music

I've come to the conclusion that I am a lover of a lot of these things but I've decided to create my own word for someone who likes dramatic skies (as there doesn't appear to be one) 'Heavenophile'!

Which one are you and how does it make you feel?

Or which one would you be if you could make one up and why?

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