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Pick of the Draw

After finishing my last painting I've been thinking about what to paint next. My dilemma is though, that I seem to have so many ideas mulling around in my head which I want to create. I've even written a list of potential paintings, so as I don't forget any as I have such a terrible memory. But then how do I pick which one to do? You'll probably think I'm mad but I have been known to write down some choices on a piece of paper and fold them up like raffle tickets and put them in a hat and then pick one out, only then to realise that I knew subconsciously all along which one I wanted to paint when I didn't pick the 'right' one out! Some paintings I start but then for one reason or another I don't finish, I thought I'd share with you a pastel painting that I originally started back in 2016 and I thought it was about time I finished it.

What's the longest you've left something before going back to complete it?

For all fellow artists, how do you decide what to paint next?

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