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'Reaching Out'

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

This painting is a bit of an experiment for me and is inspired by one of my favourite artists Jess Franks, her paintings just seem to sing with colour and vibrancy and I feel we could all do with a bit of colour and joy in our lives right now. I don't usually like to paint the same scene twice (I created a digital painting of this scene last May but these woods at the back of where I live are my sanctuary at the moment and now especially as the bluebells once again carpet the woodland floor. I've had fun with this painting and tried not to get too hung up on the detail by using mainly one brush, size 11 and have attempted to replicate the effect I can achieve on the digital app 'ArtRage' by putting dabs of paint onto the canvas in one stroke and then leaving them to form a kind of abstract patchwork effect, I've then added extra pops of colour with pastels. I'm also delighted to be taking part in the fantastic initiative started by artist Tom Croft to paint NHS key workers, I have been matched with a midwife working for the NHS in Scotland, so keep your eyes peeled as to how I get on.

Here are some links you may be interested in:

The original of this painting is sold, but if you would like to buy a giclée print of this painting please click on the following link

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