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Shadows & Silhouettes

I've been itching to get back to some painting and this is my work in progress for this month. I was going to paint a sunset as I seem to be obsessed with skies at the moment, however I decided to paint this scene instead. It's looking towards Shanklin, Isle of Wight from our family's beach hut where I spent quite a few glorious days this summer. I was attracted to this scene by the patterns the shadows and silhouettes were forming. Although I think I may have broken a couple of composition rules with this painting ie the lamp post unintentionally ended up being in the centre of the painting and the cliff in the distance appears a bit close to the edge of the canvas for my liking, I have persevered and am being brave and doing something that I haven't done before, I'm posting the painting before I've finished it. Watch this space to see whether I should have listened to those niggling doubts and started again!

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