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'Sibden Spring'

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Although having been a bit apprehensive about getting a puppy (we finally gave in after a couple of years to our daughter's continual pleas!) and despite having our garden dug up, being constantly anxious about what he's eating, the worrying thoughts of having my furniture and anything he can lay his paws on chewed to mention just a few there has actually been some benefits, I've met more people, got more exercise, plenty of exercise, it's made our daughter get out more and taken her away from phones and television, am welcomed home with lots of licks, have snuggles on the sofa, it's made me get to bed earlier and I've got to see the world outside when I probably wouldn't have necessarily seen it.

It is as a result of an evening walk with the dog that I've created my next ArtRage painting, as my daughter and I walked around our local woods I was inspired by this scene where the evening light was streaming through the trees falling on the bluebells on 'Sibden Hill' in Shanklin.

I've added a picture of the finished creation plus some close ups and pictures of it's progression...

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