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'Steephill Sundown'

It's been so good to get painting again this month and what better way to start than with one of my favourite places on the Island, Steephill Cove. Unfortunately I haven't quite been able to finish this painting yet, think I still need to tweak a few bits but I'm nearly there.

I'm quite pleased with how it's progressing though, I like the mood that has been created and I like the colours and how the light is reflected through the painting from the sky into the foreground lines of the sand waves. I also like the zig zag composition which leads your eye through the painting I also feel that I have inadvertently added 3 spots which Edgar Payne talks about in his book 'Composition of Outdoor Painting' which also help in this paintings composition, I feel they are the sun itself, the distant cliff and the reflection of a rock in the foreground water, they form a triangle and help to balance the picture.

I found painting the sand waves quite a challenge but I like the repetition and pattern they create, apparently when we look at pictures our brain automatically looks for patterns.

Scroll down to see progression shots so far...

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