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Sunset watercolour

Conscious of the fact that I had nothing to show this month again on the art front and as my daughter was being taken out for the day this was the perfect opportunity for me to fit in a quick painting, it was either that or catch up on the piles of ironing that have accumulated due to the summer holidays, well it was a tough choice but guess what won! Hence I've produced this quick watercolour sketch instead. Occasionally I take photos out of our bedroom window of the beautiful sunsets we get with the intention of one day painting them, this painting is taken from one of these such photographs.

I haven't painted a watercolour in a while and so to be honest was a little bit afraid, I was also using watercolour out of a tube aswell which I'm not altogether sure if I like, the consistency seems a lot thicker to me, anyway I'm quite pleased with what I achieved and hope to do a series of sunset skies in the near future, once my daughter is back at school.


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