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'The Witches' Cauldron'

'The Witches' Cauldron' is the aptly named title of my painting this month just in time for Halloween. I managed to get away to Wales with my family this half-term holiday and I found a circular walk amongst the holiday cottage information which we decided to do on one of the days it wasn't actually raining! Although the cliff edge did get a little bit close for comfort at times it was well worth it, as the Pembrokeshire coastal scenery was stunning, we followed the winding coastal path down to what's known as 'The Witches' Cauldron' which is a collapsed cave near Moylgrove, it's a crater in a hill filled with green-blue water, formed where sea waters have eroded soft rocks along a fault. This painting is a result of this walk, I tried to capture the bright sunshine which bathed the opposite hillside and the contrasting deep shadows of the valley, the bracken in the foreground was my biggest challenge with this painting, I tried squinting my eyes and tried to simplify what I saw best I could. I also experimented using different brightly coloured underpainting for different areas of the painting. Ironically I kept finding I'd painted unintentional Halloween influences in this painting, can anyone spot a Witches' hat or Witches' crooked nose within the painting?!

Scroll to the end of the progress images below to find out where they are, I've also added a red arrow to show where 'The Witches' Cauldron' is actually located!

Thank you for reading!

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