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This Is Me, The Artist Behind The Art

Hi! I thought it was about time that I showed my face around here hence I've started the year off with a self-portrait and thought I'd share a few little facts about myself.

I've always loved art since I can remember and consider myself an art addict!

I can remember being given a handheld mirror as a child which had a Renoir print on the reverse called 'Two Sisters on the Terrace' which had a lasting impression on me and to this day I love.

I am lucky to live on a beautiful Island which lies off the south coast of England called the Isle of Wight which provides me with much of my inspiration.

I live with my husband, teenage daughter, and mischievous rescue dog 'Pancho'.

I'm a self-taught artist and have never been to art school.

I paint as often as I can in our spare box room which was my daughter's old nursery and is long overdue a redecorate hence all the murals on the wall which I painted for her some 13 years ago!!

I'd like to own a Nissan Figaro, I think they are so cute.

I don't know why but I am superstitious, I hate seeing just one magpie, (if I do I salute it and say hello to it and ask how it's family is, I know it's barmy), if I only see one magpie I feel something will go wrong throughout the day and it usually does!

I class myself as an introvert and am way out of my comfort zone when it comes to doing things like this and using social media and am hopeless with technology.

I love nature, dramatic skies and when it snows (which unfortunately rarely happens on the Isle of Wight).

I'd like to learn to play the piano properly.

I have a terrible memory and have to write everything down.

I'd love to go to Venice one day.

Here are some links you may be interested in:

My Etsy shop where I have some original artwork along with various prints for sale

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