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An artist's struggle

I've felt a bit frustrated with my painting lately and I think it shows. I'm not at all happy with the last couple of paintings I've tried to do. I usually have a gut feeling when I know a painting is 'right' and I'm just not getting that feeling at the moment. I thought I would share these paintings with you regardless.

I can't quite put my finger on what is wrong, if I figure it out I will share! Hopefully all will come good soon.

The good news is that I have got a couple of paintings that I did have good vibes about and they are currently being exhibited in the Echium Room of Ventnor Botanic Gardens with lots of other artists' work as part of the '39th Landscape Paintings of the Isle of Wight Exhibition' taking place from Saturday 30th September until Sunday 8th October 2023 inclusive. The exhibition opens daily 10am - 4pm (closes 3pm on Sunday October 8th). Enter your car registration number on the tablet in the café before visiting the exhibition.

If you are interested in visiting my Etsy shop please click on the link below:

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