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'Dates For Your Diary'

It won't be long before I'll be back in this quaint village of Godshill for my solo art exhibition taking place on Tuesday 16th July until Saturday 20th July in the back room of Godshill Methodist Church (opposite the Old World Tea Rooms).

Each year I've been meaning to do a painting of Godshill so this year I have finally done one, although I have in fact done a couple in the past of this same scene. The first one I painted many years ago and recently unearthed it, I think I must have still been at school when I painted it, unfortunately I didn't put a date on it, the other was done a bit later in 1995 when I was 21 and has my maiden name of Johnson signed on it.

So here is my newest one, I have to admit I did struggle a bit as I was a bit rusty with my water mixable oils. I wished I had used a bigger canvas as I found the small details a tad difficult with the brushes I was using, though I didn't want to get bogged down with too much detail, but on the whole I'm pleased with the outcome, I may tweak it a little still but it's mostly finished.

I've added some progression pictures of my latest painting below as well as the two paintings I did some years ago of the same scene. I tried using complementary colours for the ground in places, in case you are wondering why the bright colours on the initial stages! The idea was to try and end up with pops of complimentary colours showing through in areas on the finished painting. I'm not sure I've been that successful with this though.

The church in this painting is called All Saints' Church, according to legend, the original foundations for the church were laid in a flat, easily accessible site, there is an interesting link here which explains why it was built on the top of the hill instead if you are interested

Thanks for reading and Happy Easter!

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