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'The Power Of The Sea - What It Means For You And Me'

I've come to realise that as well as being addicted to big, beautiful skies that seem to give moments of awe, being near the sea is also a great source of inspiration for me too and features in a quite a few of my paintings.

Having googled what effect the sea has on us, this is what I found, apparently 'simply staring out to sea can change our brain wave frequency, luring us into a mild meditative state. The colour blue is associated with feelings of calm and peace and listening to the ebb and flow of waves and the swell of the sea naturally soothes and relaxes the brain.'

Proximity to water releases feel good hormones like dopamine and oxytocin so it's no wonder we feel happier and more relaxed by the sea or any body of water.

My newest painting 'Lost in Reverie', I feel, echos this meditative, daydreamy state of mind, which I hope will lure you in and give that sense of calm also.

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