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Doesn't Time Fly!

It was so lovely to turn the clock back an hour this weekend, if only I could do this more often, is anybody else wondering where October went to, and even more scarier for me where have my daughter's primary school years gone? I'm sorry to report that I haven't progressed much further this month with my 'Shadows and Silhouettes' painting. I have spent a good chunk of this month pondering and stressing over which High School to send my daughter to next September but apart from looking around secondary schools I have also gained lots of inspiration from visiting North Yorkshire this half-term holiday which was a much needed break.

I have also been busy getting ready for a Christmas Fayre that I will be participating in which will be held on Saturday 24th November and Sunday 25th November at the Quay Arts Centre, Newport, Isle of Wight.

Below is my painting in progress of 'Shadows and Silhouettes', along with a few of my snaps from Yorkshire.

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