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Happy Halloween!

I've created this artwork from a photo I took last October in America Woods, near to where I live, I haven't quite decided if it's finished yet, but I'm liking the composition and colours.

I wanted to create an autumnal picture, however looking at it it looks more like springtime to me, maybe it's just wishful thinking!

I'm still not sure if I've got my 'gut feeling' for this picture yet but it's getting there, one thing I do know is that with each new artwork created I'm learning new things. I tried to create the radiance of the sun by painting in watercolour and then once it had dried I used a wet brush to go over the hard edge of the watercolour to dissolve and diffuse the colour to make it blurry and create a dreamy effect. I don't think I've quite mastered the effect I wanted yet but it's close enough for now.

Below are some progression pictures.

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