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No Kissing Allowed!

'Thanks a Bunch' is the title for my latest flower still life, I'm not sure if I am fully satisfied with this painting as I seemed to lose momentum with it a little where I had to keep stopping and starting, however after looking at the finished piece I realised that it does tick some of the composition rule boxes and have listed these tips below and tried to highlight them in the following photos.

1) Overlap - place objects over one another - this gets the eye to move from one element to another. Avoid objects touching each other by the edges - "no kissing allowed!"

2) Crop - have the objects go off the edge of the painting - this gets the viewer in and out of the painting.

3) Rotate - consider placing objects at an angle - things that are tilted create a more dynamic composition.

4) Focal point - create an area of importance - give the viewer something to focus on, you can try this with size variation or create focus with colour dominance.

5) Off centering - avoid placing objects directly in the centre of the canvas - instead place objects slightly to one side.

6) Rule of Thirds - things in sets of 3 are more interesting. An imaginary grid creates 9 sections, the idea in using the rule of thirds is to place your subject or focal point along a vertical or horizontal line and/or around a point of intersection, in doing so your composition should be improved.

7) Repetition - use pattern - repeat elements

8) Triangular Composition - these types of composition are thought to be aesthetically pleasing.

Finished painting 'Thanks a Bunch', acrylic on canvas.

Colour palette used.

... and last but not least Happy Mother's Day to all you mum's out there!

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