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'Suspended in Time'

Well who'd have thought that this time last month we'd all be in lock down and finding ourselves in the situation we are now in, kind of suspended in time and there was me moaning about the weather last month, little did I know that the weather was going to be the least of our problems. It's made me realise that life and time is very precious and we should use them very wisely and make the most of every single moment, and not to take anything for granted as we just never know what is around the corner.

Despite all that's been going on and having my daughter at home now home schooling I have still managed to do some art, but sadly like many other events this year the Isle of Wight Open Studios in July has been cancelled understandably due to the Corona outbreak but hopefully next year will be bigger and better. This month I wanted to paint something bright and cheery and as I haven't painted any flowers for a while I thought I would paint these spring flowers. I nearly gave up on this painting and was tempted to throw it in the bin at one point as it didn't really come out quite as intended, it started to look garish and gaudy however I was fiddling around with it in an app on my phone in an attempt to try and salvage it when I discovered a cartoon filter. So I then got out some charcoal and drew over the top of my painting with it in places to try and replicate the effect and I can say that I think I am a lot happier with it now, so I am glad that I never gave up on it. Try and keep safe and well and don't give up!

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My Etsy shop is closed temporarily because of the Corona Virus but I hope to update it once we are all hopefully back to normal

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