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Welcome to my blog

Updated: Feb 11, 2018

Welcome to my 1st blog from my newly created website.

My name is Sharon Ould and I am passionate about art, i've been trying to make a success of my artistic skills for quite a few years now but with a young daughter in tow I have to admit I haven't found it easy, I've yearned to be a full time artist but more often than not I find myself playing with Sylvanian Families, acting out roleplay, making makeshift tents or starring in home dance shows with my energetic, enthusiastic, beautiful daughter, and over the past years I have attempted to start my own mural painting business but have struggled with juggling my time as a housewife/mum/artist and have come to realise that there are a lot of weeks throughout the year that make up school holidays than I thought! I always seem to be saying I wish there were more hours in the day! Though I have to say that I wouldn't change it for the world and feel lucky and privileged and thankful to my husband who has supported me.

I am beginning to feel that I am starting to have a bit more time to dedicate to my painting though now and therefore have created my own website to showcase my work, opened an Etsy shop where I hope to sell prints eventually as well as original works of art and have started this blog although I've got to be totally honest I think it would be fair to say that I feel a bit out of my comfort zone when it comes to blogging and using social media, but I will do my best to keep it updated and aim to use it to show painting progressions and anything else which I feel relevant and interesting.

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