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'Hill of The Eagle'

My husband always seems to make a beeline for the highest point of anywhere we visit, last Tuesday was no exception, we headed for Pentre Ifan a Neolithic burial chamber with a precariously balanced stone slab and then on to an aptly named car park at Bwlch-Gwynt (meaning windy gap) to walk up Foel Eryr in the Preseli Hills in Wales.

As we got there the weather closed in and suddenly we were shrouded in mist and squally showers. After waiting in the car for about half an hour for the rain to stop we decided to brave it and head up Foel Eryr which is the second highest peak at 468 metres. Thankfully and luckily for me my husband was content with walking to the second most highest point!

As we battled with the wind on the ascent I have to admit I was thinking to myself and questioning my husband as to why we were even bothering to climb this peak as we could see nothing but cloud all around us and it felt pretty grim, even our dog wanted to head back to the comfort of the car!

Then as if by magic the sun seemed to break through the cloud just as we reached the summit and we were rewarded with spectacular views all around.

This watercolour painting is taken from a photo (see second to last photo below) I took at the top looking towards Newcastle Emlyn close to where we were staying and just at the very right hand edge of my picture going out of shot is the highest point Foel Cwmcerwyn at 536 metres. Foel Eryr means 'Hill of the Eagle', though sadly we didn't see any eagles, apparently they are no longer resident here. But I've decided to call this picture after this hill and you can see why as you can see for miles, it's as if you are seeing what an eagle might see soaring through the sky.

Below is my rough watercolour sketch which I hope to use to create a bigger painting, continue scrolling if you'd like to see some of the photos I took that day...

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