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My Latest Painting - 'As if by Magic'

I've transported myself to a more colourful world this month!

This painting isn't at all how I'd envisaged it but I like it nonetheless. The sky seemed to emerge easily on this one, I didn't know where it came from or where it was heading it just seemed to appear as if by magic! I think the reason it appeared like 'magic' is because I got lost within it whilst creating it, I let go of any inhibitions and just went with the flow.

The foreground however was a whole different kettle of fish, it's funny because this should have been easier to paint as it is mostly dark rocks but trying to make them look like rocks and not just a black mass was the tricky part. I think I started to overthink the rocks, I didn't want them to look too regimental and because of this I started to get to fiddly and bogged down with the details and that's when the 'magic' seemed to stop for me. Lesson learnt - keep it simple and go with the flow!

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