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'Upon Reflection'

This is my last painting of 2023, I've called it 'Upon Reflection'. I thought this is an apt title as looking back on 2023 I've realised that I spend a huge amount of time not just painting but pondering and reflecting on the paintings that I create. Apparently reflection helps us handle the very good and very bad, reflection is important as besides making us focused it also connects us to our feelings and mind, which is some of the most powerful resources we as humans have if we can manage them properly.

The painting itself I have to admit I find a bit weird, my husband commented it looks like something out of a Monty Python sketch, but the sky did actually appear like this and I like how the cloud seems to echo the cliff shape which in turn resembles a walking stick for some sort of alien creature with a big crooked nose heading towards a reindeer dalek!

On that rather strange note I'd like to wish you all a very colourful and hopeful New Year filled with love and peace.

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