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'Work in Progress...'

I always start the year feeling really enthusiastic and optimistic and look forward to new beginnings hence this big, wide painting. Although I haven't finished it yet I have got further with it than I ever thought I would this month as I've found this size canvas (100cm x 50cm) a little overwhelming at times and it has been difficult to focus at the moment especially with homeschooling happening alongside. Other things I have had trouble with has been the lighting, where the days seem to have been quite dreary and dull I've been finding it difficult to mix the right colours and then when I have finally achieved the right colours, I then find that I haven't mixed up enough!! I guess this just comes with practice.

I've shown some snippets of the bits of the painting that I'm liking at the moment. On the note of colours I took a video of my painting the other night and I feel that I actually prefer the colours rendered in the video to the actual colours which are much lighter in reality so they may get altered yet!

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